The first verse of Rupert Brookes poem The Fish, has been my inspiration for so

The first verse of Rupert Brookes poem The Fish, has been my inspiration for so many of these paintings I thought I’d share it with you. Have a lovely day   


The Fish

In a cool curving world he lies ?And ripples with dark ecstasies. ?The kind luxurious lapse and steal ?Shapes all his universe to feel ?And know and be; the clinging stream ?Closes his memory, glooms his dream, ?Who lips the roots o' the shore, and glides ?Superb on unreturning tides. ?Those silent waters weave for him ?A fluctuant mutable world and dim, ?Where wavering masses bulge and gape ?Mysterious, and shape to shape ?Dies momently through whorl and hollow,?And form and line and solid follow ?Solid and line and form to dream ?Fantastic down the eternal stream; ?An obscure world, a shifting world, ?Bulbous, or pulled to thin, or curled, ?Or serpentine, or driving arrows, ?Or serene slidings, or March narrows. ?There slipping wave and shore are one, ?And weed and mud. No ray of sun, ?But glow to glow fades down the deep ?(As dream to unknown dream in sleep); ?Shaken translucency illumes ?The hyaline of drifting glooms; ?The strange soft-handed depth subdues ?Drowned colour there, but black to hues, ?As death to living, decomposes -- ?Red darkness of the heart of roses, ?Blue brilliant from dead starless skies, ?And gold that lies behind the eyes, ?The unknown unnameable sightless white ?That is the essential flame of night, ?Lustreless purple, hooded green, ?The myriad hues that lie between ?Darkness and darkness! . . . ?

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