Instagram Advertising

Feel free to take and share this as necessary - also every time I see a sponsored ad I will be reporting it as inappropriate in my feed. I'd really like Ig to reconsider this move. If enough of us do it every time we see a sponsored advert maybe Ig will reconsider. Just to make clear I have absolutely no problem with companies I follow advertising to me in fact I like to know what's going on with them -


Instagram filter used: Lo-fi View in Instagram ?

Modding the camellias with my new app #Enlight @enlight

Modding the camellias with my new app #Enlight @enlight Sadly the iPhone version is completely different to the iPad version and they charged me for both, very disappointed. This is the iPhone version which is great so I thought I'd work bigger with the iPad version it's not the same animal tho it has the same logo - don't do it. ????


Instagram filter used: Normal View in Instagram ?