So very proud of this picture

So very proud of this picture - this is Gavin Ferris playing the Catherwood Dragon Guitar - I drew the body shape to be held and played within the engineering parameters laid down by my clever Luthier husband Dr John Catherwood. The details - our bog oak Drumlin inlay and the bridge I drew shapes for, for the headstock I designed and burned the Catherwood logo and the Dragon herself I burned onto the top of the soundboard with the #firewriter I keep going on about. Gavin played it for the first time beautifully and memorably at the Ards International Guitar Festival a few weeks ago. Lovely photo taken by the really talented Michael Barbour / 2nd Shooter.

The Dragon

For those of you who have been following the story, the Catherwood Dragon Guitar is finished, sprayed and strung up, it sounds brilliant, and its new owner is utterly thrilled with it. A great project to work on, the design was inspired by #Gameofthrones #GoT, part of which is filmed here in Northern Ireland, and the madly talented new owner Gavin Ferris. I loved working with Gavin and the guys at Catherwood Guitars, it was a really special project. #pyrography #acoustic #guitar #art