Romantic pyrography / wood burning, irish landscape with white moon and trees, two small figures.

Kingfisher Craft Gallery

Two of my latest wood burnings, some lovely moody watercolour and ink trees and two of my favourite Angel Feathers now for sale at the gorgeous Kingfisher Craft Gallery. It is a real delight to have my work alongside such illustrious company. Do pop down and take a look if … Continue reading

Jean Genet quote

 Not entirely sure what it means but I think that is the best  kind of quote – one that causes you to think about it over time, to try to understand what the author was getting at.

Today I made…

All the collage pieces are from my paintings. I will be painting and drawing over the top of it. I had the delight of receiving free prints via the brilliant free prints app the quality is fine, though I think the repro may be a little red but this is the first stage. On … Continue reading

It’s like burning an encyclopaedia –

 Listening to Stephen Hawking Reith Lecture and he said ‘It’s like burning an encyclopaedia – information is not lost if you keep all the smoke and ashes, but it is difficult to read…. ‘ Utterly Brilliant – #physics #stephenhawking #blackholesfreakmeout

Once I made a Looking Glass

Light and delight, the mirrors of dreams, these were an exciting phase in my work some years ago and actually many more than one. I really enjoyed using leading and glass paints and there was an element of collage in that there were glass beads and wires and embedded images … Continue reading

Magnetack a teeny tiny funky idea

A teeny tiny funky idea to put sketches and photos on the wall or on a notice board without putting holes in them. The lovely Bryan at sent me these to try. The pins are smaller than my fingernail and the magnets are half that size but really really strong. Pop the pin in the wall and put the paper in place put the magnet on top to hold it - easy. I'm in the studio later in the week so I'll post another couple of pics of them in action then. Thanks Bryan?? @themagnetack


Hospitable and talented Paul Crane’s Castillo is a real find, don’t take our word for how good the food is here check out the good words on Facebook and Tripadvisor 61 Castle Street Killough BT30 7QQ Phone 028 4484 3007