Jean Genet quote

 Not entirely sure what it means but I think that is the best  kind of quote – one that causes you to think about it over time, to try to understand what the author was getting at.

A rose by any other name

A rose by any other name – would smell of feet :-) again a quote that makes me think about how we define the world, what a strong influence language has on the way we see the world. The Rose is drawn in ink and ball pen.

It’s like burning an encyclopaedia –

 Listening to Stephen Hawking Reith Lecture and he said ‘It’s like burning an encyclopaedia – information is not lost if you keep all the smoke and ashes, but it is difficult to read…. ‘ Utterly Brilliant – #physics #stephenhawking #blackholesfreakmeout

Designs on a mug

Those lovely folks @__society6 @society6 @society6art just sent me one of my designs on a mug - so chuffed with it, the reproduction is brilliant, colour is spot on and the quality is great! #society6

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